Coming Up

Here's a quick overview of the features and fixes coming up for Easy Copy. As I'm working alone on Easy Copy, all of this is subject to my time and availability so things could be a bit... flexible/uncertain :)

Coming Up in Easy Copy v.2.4.0

New Feature: Variable for copying the content of a page as text
You can currently copy the HTML source but there isn't a variable to just copy the full page content as text only, esp. if you want to use Copy All Tabs.

Issue: Deleting all templates doesn't allow you to create new templates

Easy Copy should allow you to delete all templates. However, there's an issue where if you do that, it doesn't allow you to create new templates. Pressing the New button does nothing. This should work.

Coming Up in a future release

Improvement: Allow Tab character to be inserted into a template from the options dialog
Because Tab moves you from one form field to the next, you can't insert a Tab character into a template. A workaround is to write the template in another text editor and paste it into the template field but it would be nice to be able to insert it from the options dialog.

Feature: Select which links to copy when copying links on a page.Similar to the dialog that displays when copying all tabs, but displays all the links on the page. Should be able to filter on the links as well to easily select the ones you want.

Feature: Import/export of templates
At the moment you have to recreate templates on different machines. The idea is to have Import and Export buttons on the preference dialog so you can transfer preferences between machines.

Feature: Variables for copying Firefox information, eg. version, list of extensions
The list of extensions will include the extension and its version. Hopefully this will be useful for people having issues with Firefox or for Firefox testers/developers.

Feature: Duplicate a template with a single click
This would be helpful for creating similar templates but with slight differences.

Recently Done

Fixed Issue (v.2.3.1): Date formats changed since Firefox 29
Before Firefox 29, the %date% and %date_time% variables used to return dates in the long format of your machine, eg. 3 May 2014. Since Firefox 29, they just return 03/05/2014 or something similar. I'll investigate how to use the long format again.


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