My name is Byron and I'm the creator of Easy Copy. Easy Copy is a Firefox extension that makes it easy to copy stuff on the web. The Easy Copy addons page at Mozilla has a lot more details about its features and usage and there's more details at the Easy Copy main site.

This is the accompanying blog to Easy Copy's development. Here, I discuss its development progress, new features and great ideas on how to use it. I might also do some technical posts that may help other Firefox extension developers, eg. testing Firefox extensions, platform issues and more.

More importantly, I hope that this will give you, the Easy Copy users and fans, a stage to express your thoughts, to learn how you use it and what you'd like to see in the future.

I'm the sole maintainer of Easy Copy so, although all feedback and suggestions are welcome, any new features will be prioritised based on (a) my time and availability, (b) the feature's general usefulness and (c) my time and availability :)