Monday, 2 June 2014

Copy the whole document as text

Easy Copy has the variable %html_source% that copies the document either as a proper HTML document or the text equivalent of that HTML, ie. with <body> and other tags.

However, there isn't an easy text equivalent to do this, ie. copy the whole document as text without the HTML formatting or tags. There is workaround to use %selection%, select the document and copy into a text-type template but you can't do that for Copy All Tabs.

So, what's the solution?

The proposal is to introduce another variable called %page_text_content% that would copy the page's content as text without any HTML tags. It will work like this:
  • The text will be formatted according to the layout of the document, eg. paragraphs, indents, etc.
  • It will obviously not contain any other formatting, eg. bold, font size, etc.
  • Images and other media will not be copied.
This feature was requested by borisj26 on the Easy Copy support site. Hopefully this will be in the next release (v2.4.0).

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