Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Date format changed in Firefox 29 [Fixed Issue]

UPDATE: This issue is now fixed and available in Easy Copy v.2.3.1.

For all those who use the %date% or %date_time% variables, here's something to watch out for in Firefox 29.

Easy Copy normally displays dates in the long date format of the machine you're using, eg. %date% may return 28 April 2014 if your long date format is dd MMMM yyyy. This works fine up until Firefox 28.

However, the date functions got changed in Firefox 29 which means that the date is now displayed as 28/04/2014 or some other shorter date format.

Here's an update on the fix estimate and potential workarounds.

Fix Estimate

The fix shouldn't be too big but took a bit of digging. I'm busy implementing it and will post an announcement and solution once the new version of Easy Copy is available.

Workaround Until the Fix

There isn't really a workaround although you could stay on Firefox 28 or lower if you really need this feature.

The best would be to wait for a fix.

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